Splat Chat is a new way to interact with your friends while playing games.

1. If a player enables Splat Chat, it will replace the regular Messages Section for each game. See below for examples of each.

2. Splat Chat will keep live reporting of who is doing what in your game and it will also allow players to type short messages to be read by all players playing that particular game.

3. When you set up a new game you can choose to turn splat chat off. In which case all players will see the old message section.

4. Splat Chat is meant to be fun for everyone. We will not tolerate inappropriate language. Swear words, etc. No posting of websites, emails or ads is allowed. All chats are recorded and we will gladly turn over to the authorities any chat deemed inappropriate. Feel free to be clever and express yourself in an appropriate amusing manner. Just remember we would like every one to feel safe and welcome.

5. Please be aware that splat chat will not post various words and key phrases. And implanting those words in another word or phrase will also cause the system to not display your chat. Example: Hello contains a word that could be used offensively, and as a result Hello is also a banned word. We are working on refining this.

6. If a player chooses to use offensive language or posts ads or websites to chat, their chat account will be turned off immediately and never turned back on. (no second chances) Also if a player posts words to chat that cause their chat to be banned/flagged, their posts will be recorded and reviewed, players found guilty of tampering or trying to break our chat system rules will also have their account chat turned off.

7. Each Player can turn off splat chat for their own account and use the Message System instead. To change your setting you will need to use your account password. So parents if you do not want your kids to have access to the splat chat you can turn it off and your child can not turn it back on without the password. If you want your account not to be edited by anyone event with the password email