Backpack and the items you put in them can help you win more games!

1. Every player has a backpack, which the contents are listed to the right of the playing field.

2. Every backpack can only hold so many items, so in order to collect new items you need to have enough room in your backpack to hold them.

3. Items are one time use only. So once you use an item in your skirmish the item will disappear from your backpack. This will leave room for you to collect more items.

4. Items can be collected in just about any game and can be used in just about any game. So if you find an item in one game you can use it in that game or you can use it in another game. There will be games where you can not use items from your backpack. For an example: we might run a special contest game where everyone will be have an even playing ground. These games will show your backpack/items can not be used.

5. Some items can also expire. Some items will only last a short period of time before expiring. (the more powerful an item the quicker it expires) If an item expires it will disappear from your backpack. So hoarding your items for a long period of time is not a good idea.

6. So what are items? Well the first item will be the Mulliganator. The Mulliganator can be played at the end of your turn when you want to redo your turn. It will wipe out any of your throws for that turn, letting you start over. There is also a rumor of an item called the Bazooka which when played will strengthen your throw X2. Other items like a cloak are in the works. There will be a page that lists all the items int he future.

7. How do acquire an item? Items will be hidden on the game boards of all games. If you hit an item it is yours to keep. Items might also be awarded for winning a game. Items that are hit will automatically be put in your backpack if there is room. If you have no room in your backpack, the item will be re-hidden on the game board for someone else to find.

8. How do you use an item? If you hover your mouse over an item it should give you a mini-description of what the item does. If you click on the item it will be used immediately. Some items require more than one step, like the Bazooka, clicking on it will activate it, then the next time you throw your throw will be 2X as powerful.