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SNOWBALL BLAST is a virtual snowball fight. Just like in any skirmish there are two parts to a virtual snowball fight. Players will try to avoid being hit with a snowball while trying to hit others. And of course, the winner is the last man standing who has hit the most people.

When you sign up to play SNOWBALL BLAST you will be asked to 5 hiding spots in our PICTURE(see example above). You will do this by clicking on five spots anywhere on the picture, indicating where you would like to "hide" from other players. Once you have chosen your 5 hiding spots, the web site will automatically position your player in the first hiding spot you've chosen. Every time you are hit with a snowball, your player will run to the next hiding spot.

More on hiding spots: Players can hide anywherein the picture, even in the sky (there are over 175,000 hiding spots in this picture). Every time you click on the picture the computer will record the exact pixel you click and that pixel will be your hiding spot.

Every day (each round) that you play,you will be given 5 snowballs to throw. Throwing snowballs is easy! Just click your mouse anywhere on our PICTURE and your snowball will be sent flying through the air! If any other players are near the area on the picture that you "threw" your snowball, they will be "hit" with your virtual snowball. If five players are hiding close to the same area, you might hit all five players at the same time. You will be awarded points for every player you hit with a snowball.

SNOWBALL BLAST is played in rounds(or turns), Every player gets two turns or rounds everyday. The first round begins at 12:05am daily. The second round begins at 12:05pm daily. Each player is given 5 snowballs to throw during each round. The last round will end at 11:59pm on the ending day of the game. All times are Eastern Standard Time. --We have now added a new featured called double time, this allows 4 turns a day. click here for more info.

Players score 1 point for every round they play. Players also score 5 points for every player they hit with a virtual snowball. Points are also awarded at the end of every day. Players receive 1 point for each time they have not been hit. Example: A player that ends their day only being hit once during that day will be awarded 4 points. A player who was hit twice in a day will receive 3 points. With this new rule, the less you are hit, the more points you will score daily.

Players who are hit by 5 snowballs are eliminated and are out of the game. Eliminated players can no longer throw snowballs. Players who have been eliminated have no chance of winning even if their score is the highest. Example: a player who has 5 points and only has 4 hits will win over a player who has 100 points and has been eliminated(5 hits).

There are prizes hidden in this picture. If your snowball hits a prize, a special message will appear on your screen. If you hit a prize with a snowball and this message appears.. the prize is yours!!!

Players can win in one of two ways.

1.)If everyone in the game gets hit by five snowballs the last player not eliminated is the winner. (Game automatically ends when only 1 player is left regardless of the game's original end date.)

2.)If the game reaches the ending date with more than one player still in the game, the player who has the most points wins. The winner will be announced the day after the last day(round) of the game.